Farm Box Meals

I prepare and package your CSA box into 4 delicious and healthy family meals, which you can reheat and serve. Each delivery includes a variety of one-dish meals, including one made with chicken, beef or pork, a whole grain or pasta dish, a hearty soup, a stew or braise, plus fresh fruits for snacks or lunch boxes. Your CSA box will be picked up, lovingly prepared, carefully packed and delivered in most of the South Bay cities. Chef’s choice of meals, no special requests, but some dietary restrictions can be considered.

” I have to say that we have honestly, truly loved all of your meals. We love that we get to try new ingredients and that we’re surprised with each delivery by a great mix of new things,” Debi M, Farm Box Meals Client

What you get:

  • Four complete one-dish family meals that serve a family of four.
  • Produce is 100% organic, prepared with whole grains and natural, hormone-free meats, poultry and sustainable seafood.
  • Packaged for the oven or freezer.
  • Includes easy to follow serving instructions, plus online support from The Family Farm Box Blog.
  • Only $145, which includes delivery in South Bay and the cost of your small CSA box.

“You’ve got the magic, Chef Diane. Dominic, who is 22 months today, has eaten all the veggies in the meals you created. Wow! Of course, he go gobbled up the meat too. Normally we try to put veg in front of him and when he doesn’t eat them we back him up the the puréed veggie pouches. So, not only did we enjoy all the meals, but we now have a son who eats vegetables from a plate instead of a pouch. “

“Zoe was a HUGE FAN of the green beans! You got her to eat a vegetable! Amazing.”

Farmers Market Cooking Classes:

Learn how to prepare delicious, fast and fabulous seasonal menus that are perfect for your friends and family! Invite a group of friends to your kitchen or ours, and in two hours you’ll learn how to make 3 dishes with ingredients from your local farmer’s market.

  • We bring all of the ingredients and equipment needed to work with your guests and prepare a fantastic seasonal meal. We can work almost any environment, kitchens large or small!
  • You’ll get recipes to keep, cooking tips, and great food to taste in a fun, relaxed environment.
  • The two-hour cooking class is only $225 for up to 4 guests and includes set up and clean up. You can invite more friends for an additional fee.

Sign up here for more information, and we’ll get right back to you!

Learn more about our Home Delivered Farm Fresh Family Meals on Thumbtack.


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