Farm Box Day

Golden beets, sugar snap peas, grapefruits and leeks were some new additions this week, and we also got favorites like tender carrots, spinach, romaine, kale, navel oranges and bok choy. There are some more pretty pink lady apples. As fortune would have it, we have apples left over from our last delivery, so now I have enough to make an apple crumble. There’s another bunch of cilantro, which has an uncertain future. Maybe I’ll see if I can find some nice tomatoes at the farmers market and make a pico de gallo.

Getting all of the produce cleaned up felt like bringing my kid home from the beach. There was so much sand to contend with, I threw everything in the salad spinner and triple washed everything. I cut the tops of the leeks off, saved a few of them for upcoming chicken stock. I lopped the beets away from the greens, threw them in a foil packet for roasting, then prepped the greens to put in a wild rice salad where I’ll include leeks, beets, oranges and kale. I practically scrubbed the spinach clean, then stashed it in a bag for later. I’ll make a snack out of those sweet carrots and sugar snap peas with a homemade ranch dip to take to Abalone Cove tomorrow. I’ll also bring a nice green salad for the moms.

Before the weekend is over, I’ll have posted my recipe for Apple Crumble, the Wild Rice, Beet and Greens Salad with Maple Orange Dressing and the Homemade Ranch Dip. Have fun cleaning your greens!

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