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Hi! I’m Chef Diane Brown Savahge, and I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a cooking teacher and food blogger from California. I love our diverse, delicious produce that’s available year round, and I cook with it in every type of cuisine! When my daughter was in elementary school, we signed up for a CSA box fundraiser packed with the most beautiful, fresh, local and organic produce. I wanted to share the magic of that CSA box with the whole school, so I created recipes to share in The Family Farmbox blog. Buying and eating locally has become a big buzz in the food world, but many families could use a little help decoding how to get the farm to the family table in a quick, delicious way. I’m here for you with easy recipes, prep tips, cooking classes, and more!

Food has been a life-long passion, as I’ve worked in restaurants and catering, written and tested countless recipes for my blog and magazines, and published a cookbook. To share that love, I’ve taught cooking classes to beginners, children, skilled cooks and adventurous eaters. I throw cooking parties in your home at Party Box, and am the proud creator of Farm Box Kids Cooking Camp. Your kids can Cook Along with Chef Diane on my YouTube Channel, and My Farm Box Kids Cooking Club is launching with four Cooking Boot Camps that help kids and teens master all of the basics to cook like a chef!

Welcome to the Family Farm Box, where you can discover ways to make the most out of your local, seasonal produce, from your neighborhood farmers market, your weekly CSA box, or your favorite grocer. You’ll find my signature tips and tricks and easy cooking style on my blog and in my online classes. I hope you’ll visit often to bring the wonders of the farm to your family table.

Black Bean and Manchego Cheese Empanadas with Chimichurri Sauce

Looking for a delicious, easy and quick recipe with ingredients that you may actually already have? Look no further, I’ve got you! I love these Black Bean and Manchego Empanadas, that are made with minimal prep time because the 7-ingredient filling is folded into puffed pastry, which only takes a little plan ahead time to…

Baked Pretzel Chicken Nuggets with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

I’m cooking with kids all summer long, and I can promise you, this recipe brings them all to the kitchen! From cracking and mixing eggs, to bashing a bag of pretzels for the crunchy coating, to snipping chives with scissors, all ages can participate in making this dish. The crispy chicken is perfect with the…

Sticky Fried Rice with Edamame and Seaweed

Every summer, I hold Farm Box Kids Cooking Camp, where we have a few weeks of lessons, from-scratch cooking with summer produce, lots of recipes, walks to the farmer’s market, and tons of creative fun. Last summer, we had to cancel camp, and this summer we didn’t have enough information about Covid 19 to make…

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