Valencia Oranges

I love the idea of peeling an orange and eating the segments right out of my hand, but it never seems to satisfy me as a go-to fruit. But an orange mixed up with the right set of ingredients, now that is another story. With the Valencia oranges packed in the farm box this week, I muddled up a terrific and tasty sangria, with a punch of citrus and cinnamon, as a perfect accompaniment to a batch of Farm Box Veggie Enchiladas.

Triple Citrus Sangria

Makes a pitcher that serves 2 – 4 thirsty people 

4-5 large Valencia navel oranges, cut into 2-inch chunks, skin left on

2 lemons, cut into 2-inch chunks, skin left on

1 lime, cut into 2-inch chunks, skin left on

¼ cup sugar

1 750  bottle of good quality red wine (I like to use a rioja or nebiola)

1 cup of good quality brandy

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

1 cinnamon stick

In a large pitcher, crush the citrus fruit with the sugar, using a muddler or wooden spoon. Add the wine, brandy, cinnamon and cinnamon stick, and mix well. Chill for 30 minutes and serve over a few ice cubes.

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