Daily Archives: May 31, 2013

Farm Box Day

Southwest QuinoaHere’s what we did with : Maui sweet onions/ carrots/ Romaneso cauliflower/ zucchini/ sun drop summer squash/ gourmet globe summer squash/ celery/green cabbage/ oregano/ cilantro/ bok choy/ spinach/ red & yellow sweet peppers/ lacinto kale/cucumber/red grapefruit:

Mole Roasted Chicken with Southwestern Quiona and Lentil Pilaf

Lemongrass Scallion Turkey Meatballs with Asian Stir Fry, Cabbage Cups and Red Pepper Chile Grapefruit Sauce

Mexican Chicken and Vegetable Soup with Avocado

Penne Pasta Puttenesca with Spinach & Romanesco Calilflower