Diane Brown Savahge, Chef, Cookbook Author, Farm to Table Advocate, and Mom

Every two weeks, we receive a box of farm fresh produce from Tanaka Farms in Irvine. It’s a fund-raising opportunity at our school, and one that I feel strongly about supporting. Instead of purchasing chocolates and gift wrap to fund our PTA, I score this tremendous corrugated mystery box, and imagine that I’m a contestant on “Chopped.” “Hmmm, bok choy, romesco cauliflower and…strawberry jam!” The combinations roll around like a penny slot machine. My 5-year-old daughter opens the box like it’s her birthday, tearing through the contents, greedily grabbing all of the strawberries. My challenge, like every home cook, is how to incorporate these sometimes unlovable, unrecognizable or unpronounceable pieces of farm-fresh produce (what the heck is kohlrabi?) into meals that my family will love. That’s the thrill of the farm box, to open it up, delight in its seasonal diversity, and explore the possibilities.

Buying and eating locally has become a big buzz in the culinary world, where I work as a chef and cooking class teacher, but many families are not able to decode what comes from the farm and turn it into a quick and delicious meal. But more than ever, we need to rely on whole, fresh, local food. Childhood obesity, our carbon footprints, and the health of the family farm are just a few reasons why choosing locally grown food is fundamental.

Welcome to the Family Farm Box, where you can discover ways to make the most out of your local, seasonal produce, from your neighborhood farmers market, your weekly CSA box, or your grocer. I hope you’ll visit often to bring the wonders of the farm to your family table.


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  1. cjanot says:

    I just discovered your blog via the Tanaka website. So glad I found it. A few years ago, I moved to California and have been on a great culinary adventure learning more and more about nutrition and sustainability. I was blogging a while on “Trying Veggie” http://tryingveggie.wordpress.com/ but my work has kept me away… I am inspired by your blog and what you are doing. Thank you for sharing!

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